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God is a God of love, but there are things that are an abomination to Him!

Affecting Future Generations

We seldom think of the future consequences of our sin.  However, there is usually "fruit" from our sin, and quite often it is "rotten".

Against God's Man

Examine some of what the Bible has to say about speaking against a preacher.

An Early Start

A young life should be started as young Samuel started his.


Examine what the Bible says about angels.

Anger, Without Sin

Examine what the Bible says about anger.

Aren't You Glad You Don't Get What You Deserve?"

If we all got what we deserved, we would be most miserable. Thankfully, we do not because of God's grace and mercy!


A short lesson on what the Bible says about water baptism.

B. C. — Before Christ

A look at life before Christ changes it.

Be An Example

A Christian is often watched to see if his lifestyle is really different and successful. Christian, what kind of testimony do you have?

Before the Tribulation

This lessons gives some biblical verses that indicate that the rapture will occur before the Tribulation starts.

Be Not Afraid

A short lesson on fear

Beware of Lions

Satan is still a roaring, devouring lion.

Beware of the Drowning Man!

This Sunday school lesson/sermon is about the dangers of listening to what others say.

Biblical Husband, The

A marriage will work if the husband and wife work together and follow God’s plan for them in their relationship. 

Blood, The

One of the most prevalent and important teachings in the Bible is about Jesus' blood offering.

Borrowing and Lending

Examine some of what the Bible says about borrowing and lending.

Bound by Bitterness

A lesson on bitterness and the sin of unforgiveness

Christian Dating Advice

These dating suggestions can guide a Christian to finding the right Christian mate!

Christian in Name Only

Many that appear to be His, may not be!

Comforter, The

Examine what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit.

Control That Tongue!

What our tongues utter can lead us to sin.

Creation: How It All Began

This lesson summarizes the biblical creation story.

Devil Worshippers

Ignorantly, many worship "devils" rather than the Lord, all in the name of a religion that does not teach or follow God's commandments.

Die, Old Man, Die!

This lessons teaches the biblical principal about living for God, and not letting the old, sinful nature run one's life.

Do Sumthin'

Every Christian should be involved in serving the Lord. This lesson lists many ministries that many serve the Lord in.

Don't Mess with Me! I Have Bodyguards!

Christian, don't be afraid! You have unseen protection. You have your own personal bodyguards.

Don't Quit

A Sunday school lesson on why we cannot quit!

Fear Not

Examine some of the biblical "Fear Nots".


There are some things God is finished with.

Fixer of Broken Things

No matter what happens in one's life, God's help is the solution.

Fool's Follies

The Bible describes foolishness.

Free the Slaves

There is a slavery that is still going on today that affects more than anyone can imagine. Christians and the lost can be bond by this slavery and not even know it!


A brief Bible study on true friendship.

From Problems to Hallowed Ground

Problems are very important in one's life. The hardships can be used to put a person where God wants him to be and help make him what God wants him to be.

Get the Context

Too often people do not understand Bible verses because they read it out of context. Read and understand preceeding and following verses.

Getting Right with Others

Learn what the Bible says about getting things right between those that have offended us.

God's Grace

Learn what the Bible says about God's gift of grace.

God Kept His Word

This lesson teaches how and why the Word of God is preserved in the King James 1611 Bible. A brief explanation of the modern bible translations and versions is also discussed.

God's Toolbox

Examine the spiritual gifts for New Testament believers of this church age .

God Wants to Use You

Every saved child of God can, and should, have a ministry.

Good from Bad

Good can come from the hard times we go through.

Grateful People of God

Many people in the Bible were grateful for God's workings and blessings in their lives, as should we.

He Arose: The Proof

This lesson includes many of the biblical proofs that Jesus rose from the dead.

He Gave

This brief lesson outlines many of the things God has given us! It can be used as a Christmas lesson.

His Ways Are Not Our Ways

Many times, in a Christian's life, the difficulties and hardtimes may be God working in one's life.

Home of the Lost

A brief study on hell


Examine whom the Bible says Christians should honor and respect.

Honour Your Parents

A brief Bible study on honouring one's parents

How Can I Know I Am Saved?

Examine some biblical guidelines to know if you are really saved.

How Much Does Sin Cost?

Examine many of the high costs one pays for their sin.

How to Be Happy

Get the victory over selfishness, and be happier.

How to Know If You Are Saved

Examine what I John 3 tells us about knowing if we are saved or not.

How to Identify a Good Church

Here are some biblical principles to help in identying a good, biblical church.

How to Identify The Heathen

The Bible identifies the unsaved.

How to Pray

A brief study on what the Bible says about how to pray

How to Study the Bible

This study gives several suggestions on how to study the Bible.

"I Can't Understand the Bible!"

Examine what ususally is behind why one has difficulty understanding the scriptures.

"I Have Sinned!"

Many acknowledge they are sinners, but what they do with that knowledge is often wrong.

If Eve Said No

Where would we be today, if Eve said no to sin?

If There Is No Prayer

Situations may not change if God is not called upon.

If You Really Do Love the Lord ...

The Bible states several proofs in one's life that prove the person really loves the Lord. This lesson shows some of them.

If You Were to Die Today

If you were to die today, tomorrow, or 100 years from now, are you sure you will go to Heaven? This article shows the biblical way of going to Heaven.

In Through the Back Door

Christians are to rear their children to love, honor, and obey the Lord. Unfortunately, we often lose our children to the world, even after doing all the Lord has shown us to do.

Isaiah's Prophecies

An examination of the prophecies found in Isaiah 53

If We Could Get Unsaved

If one could lose their salvation, it would imply several things.

I'm Glad I'm Saved...

There are many benefits in being saved.

It's Not What It Looks Like

Many time our judgments and discernments are incorrect..

Is He Really Your Lord?

Many call God Lord, but is He really their Lord?

I Would Get Saved, But ...

Excuses that keep many from heaven.

It's Not What It Used to Be!

Spiritual decline will continue at break-neck speed if individual Christians do not stop the trend. We must make a stand to live how God commands.

"It's Not My Fault!"

Everyone often blames someone else rather than themselves for their actions. The Bible tells us that we will all give an account for our actions before God, and most of our excuses will not hold before His judgment.

It's the Lord's Battle!

This lesson/sermon reminds us of some of what we should be remembered when we are facing problems.

Lies People Tell Themselves

Often people are not honest with themselves. Read of lies some tell themselves as found in I John 1 and 2.

Keep from Backsliding - again!

Read how we, as did Nehemiah's people, learn to not backslide again.

Keep My Commandments

The most important teaching of the Bible is to obey God.

Knowing God's Will

A lesson on discerning God's will and way for one's life.

Little Can Be Much

God can do anything He wants with whatever He chooses.


Examine some of what the Bible says about marriage.

New Things

The Bible may be an old book, but it tells of many new things God desires us to have.

No Little Sins

This lesson points out that there are no little sins.

No Matter What They Decide

No matter what others do, we must do right!

No New Thing

Man has not changed much since the first man.

Not Much Has Changed

There have always been opposition for those trying to live the Christian lifestyle. Times are not much different than they were in New Testament days.

Not of God

Here is a short biblical study helping us in discerning God's will by knowing what is not of God.

Not One of His

The sad story of Judas Iscariot

Not on the First Christmas

Despite what many believe, there are certain events that did not occur at Jesus' birth.

Obedience in the Bible

Should you obey you, obey God, obey authority, or others? Read what the Bible says about obeying authority.

Obstacles God Puts Forth

God, many times, allows obstacles in our lives for a reason.

Old Testament Laws

Teach this lesson on why the ten commandments, and other biblical commandments, are misunderstood by many.


There is only one God, and only one way: His!

Opened Eyes

There are many things that God can do to open one's seeing and recognizing eyes to see what He has done, and what He is doing. 

Others Suffer

Sin hurts everyone.

Ouch! It's Prickly!

Too often, God’s “pricks” to our hearts and lives are ignored.  What does God have to do to you to get your attention and obedience?

Patience, According to the Bible

This Bible study states what the Bible says about patience.

Peer Pressure — the other guy "made" me do it!

Even biblical characters had to deal with peer pressure.

Pillars of Faith

Any step of faith is blind, but after countless proofs, God's guidance is as real as the column of cloud by day and column of fire by night The Israelistes followed.

Praise God!

We ask of God much, but we need to thank him and praise Him for the mighty things He has done!


This lesson teaches much of what the Bible reveals about prayer.

Prophecies about Christ's Birth

This study covers some of the prophecies about Jesus' birth.

Provoking God

God is a God of love, but there is another side of Him.

Raising Children

Examine some of what the Bible says about rearing children.

Real Faith

Many claim to have faith, but few have the kind described in the Bible.

Real Love: Charity

This lesson describes what the Bible says is real love.

"Religious", But Not Righteous

Just being religous does not guarantee anyone heaven.


Repentance is the "… pain, regret, or affliction which a person feels on account of his past conduct". Repentance is important for salvation.

Right Way, The

There is only one way to Heaven.

Santa Ain't Jesus

It sends a false message to children when we give an imaginary man the same attributes as Jesus Christ!

Satan, The Enemy

Learn more of our adversary, Satan.

Saved for Sure

What the Bible says about loosing one's salvation

Scripture about Parenting

Learn what God's Word has to say about parenting.


Selfishness can ruin one's life and cost a person many blessings.


All people look for God sometime in their life. Unfortunately, many look in the wrong places and do not find him. This lesson discusses why and where He is looked for.

Selling Out Cheap

Too many Christians have traded their birthrights for cheap trinkets.

Should A Christian Drink Alcohol?

Read what the Bible says about drinking alcohol, and you will quickly see that we should abstain from it, if we want to obey what the Bible says!

Sins of Romans 1:28-31

This lesson defines many of the sins that were a result of people getting further from God in Romans 1.

So Great a Heritage

Learn a litle abot our Christian heritage and of the Christian's history.

Soul Winning

This brief lesson highlights some of what God's Word says about soul winning.

Strange Things Changes Things

Participation in certain activities can ruin ones Christian walk.


Is knowing what God says important to you?  Is it valuable enough for you to invest time in understanding what God wants you to know?

The Attack to Change God's Word

Since the first man and woman were on this Earth, there has been a battle to change and hide God's Word from mankind. It still continues today!

The Unwanted Watchman

It is not easy and popular to tell the world what the Bible says, but it is a Christian's responsibility.

The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

God will bless the truth and not the sin of lying — no matter how "small" one colors the sin. Be honest!

There’s A Terrible Price for Not Obeying God

God wants Christians to obey Him. There can be alot of problems if we do not!

There Are Not Different Ways to Be Saved

There is only one way to heaven accordingly to God's Word.

To Judge Or Not To Judge

What does the Bible really say about judging?

There May Be A Time ...

As we learn from Joseph in the Bible, there may be a time to forget some things that have happened in our life and go forward!


A brief Bible lesson on unbelief

Unbiblical Beliefs

Many have their own beliefs of what they think will get them to heaven; but if their beliefs are not what the Bible teaches, they will never get any higher than the coffin lid.

Unseen Happenings When One Is Saved

When one gets saved, many things happen that, at the time, he may not be aware of. Here are some of those things that occur.


According to the Bible, there are things on this earth that are not that important.

We Are His Ambassadors

As a Chrisitan, we should be a good example to others.

We Gained It All

I Peter 2 reminds us of what a Christian is in God's eyes.

We Have A Lot of Nerve!

We have a lot of nerve in judging others when we also are sinners.

What's a Child to Do?

What are some of the responsibilities of a child?

What A Christian Can Miss

Examine what a person can miss when they become an obedient Christian.

What Can Keep People Out of Church

Here are some reasons many do not go to church any more.

What Christians Have

This lesson highlights some of the many blessings a Christians receives, as shownt in Proverbs 10 and 11.

What God Knows About You

This short study highlights what God knows about us.

What God Sees

God not only knows our heart's intents, but He sees all we do. This brief Bible study gives an idea what God sees in us.

What Is the Bible?

The Bible is not just a book, it is God's preserved Word.

What Is Wrong with Sin?

This lesson examines why sin is bad for us.

What Salvation Is Not

Examine this short study on unbiblical ways to get to heaven.

What Should A Christian Do?

After we are saved there are many things God expects us to do.

When "All" Is Enough

Prayer is the solution to most problems.

What to Do If You Have Enemies

Examine what the Bible says a Christian should do when he is opposed.

When Bible Teachings Don't Work

Read some of the many reasons Bible Teachings may not work

When God's Hand of Blessing Was Removed

This lesson sites several of the times God had to curse countries/ people. There is also a brief listing of many of reasons God would curse a people.

When You Don't Get Healed

All will get sick one time or the other. Health problems do not always mean that God is punishing someone.

When You Miss Church ...

Examine some of the damage done when a Christian misses church.

When Wrong Advice Is Heeded

This lesson gives many biblical instances where a child of God was negatively affected by choosing the wrong associates and listening to their counsel. Wrong advice can hurt one's life; good counsel can guide it.

Where Has the Love Gone?

Do you find that you are not excited and interested in the things of God like you used to be?

Where Is the Word of God?

There are many counterfeit Bibles, but the King James Version is the only preserved Word of God.

Which Part of the Wall Is Yours?

In Nehemiah's day, many joined together to restore worship. Today the same need exists, and Christians should join together to tell others about the Lord!

Who Is Jesus?

Read a brief summarization of about Jesus and who He is.

Whoa! Woe Could be Headed Your Way!

Problems could be headed your way if you are involved in sin.

Who Is He?

Who is God?

Who's the Fool?

This study tells who the Bible identifies as being a fool and what God describes is foolishness.

Why Christianity Is Opposed

A brief spiritual examination into why Christianity is receiving opposition.

Why People Don't Witness to People

Here are a few of the reasons why people do no win lost souls to Christ.

Why Preaching?

This lesson teaches what is missed when one misses preaching.

Why Should A Chrisitan Go to Church

Several reasons why a child of God should attend the house of God.

Why No Answers

Why prayers may not be answered

Why the "Begats"?

Read five reasons why the "begats" in the Bible are important.

Why They Had Health Problems

There are many reasons why sickeness comes into our lives as it happened to these Biblical characters.

Woe to Shirking Shepherds

Many pastors today are obedient to what God led them to do, but there are some, as were some priests in Ezekiel's day, that shirked their responsibilities.

"Work" Is God's Way!

This lesson states what the Bible teaches about work and working.

Who's in Charge?

Who should be the head of a local church; pastor or elders?

Your Name

Your most valuable possession is the value of your name.

Your Words

We are responsible, before God, for the words that come out of our mouth.


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