Before the Tribulation

Bill Brinkworth

Revelation 4 signals an event that is a most anticipated promise given to believers.  Every Christian from the time of the first church anxiously awaited the event that is described in this verse.  Revelation 4:1 announces the occurrence of the long-awaited rapture!
“After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter. And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.” Revelation 4:1-2

The rapture is when God says, “Enough!” of rampant sin and takes his church, living and dead, out of this earth (I Thessalonians 4:16-18).  After the church is removed, then all the terrible prophecies concerning God’s wrathful judgment upon the residents of the earth will begin.  For the living child of God from this point on in the book of Revelation all that happens on this earth will not involve him; as he will be gone to heaven!  Amen and Amen!

Although Revelation is a record of what John saw and heard revealed to Him by Jesus, it is meant to give us an understanding of what will happen in that day. It is believed that Rev. 4:1 is when the rapture happens because:


Since we are currently in the last church age, the rapture mentioned in Revelation 4:1 is the next event in God’s plan.  It could be today or tomorrow. The big question is are you absolutely, positively sure you will be included in the rapture?  If not, now may be your last opportunity to trust Christ as Saviour and be saved!

When Jesus comes for His own in the air, will you meet Him?

This lesson was featured in The Bible View #435.

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