When You Miss Church ...

Bill Brinkworth

All should go to church: saved and unsaved. An unsaved person will learn God’s way to heaven and, hopefully, be saved. A saved person should go to church because God commands it (Hebrews 10:25); it is the place to learn about spiritual things; it is a place to serve God, and it is a place to receive spiritual encouragement.

Too many born-again people stay away from the house of God. Sometimes the excuses are legitimate, such as sickness or an emergency; but too many times, they are not legitimate. When a Christian stays home from attending services at the house of God, he can do damage to himself and to the cause of Christ. Some of the negative impacts of his avoiding church include:

God went to a lot of trouble to have a local church for us to go to. He called a shepherd for the flock of believers. Many gave, so the church would have its doors open. Many sacrificed their time to minister to the needs of others. Avoiding church is missing what God intended for us to have. Be at church every time the doors are open. It is the right thing to do!

  “Someone once said the difference between watching a sermon on television rather than going to church to hear it is the same difference as talking to a girl friend on the phone as opposed to taking her
out on a date.”


This lesson was featured in The Bible View #169.

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