"The View" Can Be Customized

The Bible View has some extra space allocated at the top of the first page to add your church's name and address information. There is also additional space above the "The Bible View" for another line of words. Print the centered, 12 point Times New Roman text on plain white paper with any word processor (or even Wordpad). Cut it out with sharp scissors and paste it (using rubber cement or even a glue stick) to the space that it allocated for it.

Copy the master of the first page on your copy machine with as many 8 1/2 by 11 copies as you plan to use. When complete, put the second page in the machine, feed the stack of the already printed first pages into the copier. Test the first page to make sure you have the first pages loaded in the right direction before copying all pages. You will now have two-sided copies of your church's newspaper. Then fold all pages and distribute.