The Wrong Place

Bill Brinkworth

It does not always make spiritual sense where and why people attend the churches they do. Sometimes the Christian’s enemy, Satan, or their own confused flesh directs them to the wrong place of worship, learning, and spiritual growth.

God sometimes directs a man or woman from a Bible-believing church to a particular house. This person is led there at the right time and place. He is lead to say the right things to a person he has never met. The Holy Spirit speaks to the visited person’s heart. They realize they are a sinner bound for Hell and believe that Jesus died for them on the cross. They obey the Spirit and are wonderfully saved and on their way to heaven. God has used that Christian to show them the way of salvation. However, this is where a wrong decision often happens. The next week the new convert starts attending another church, a church that has shown no interest in their soul in the past. The church was not used to give them God’s truth; a church, if they continue to attend, will result in their not spiritually growing.

Another common scenario of not going to the place God desires them to go happens many times when people are going through hard times. They go to a church for some help. The church members will help with money and food. They freely give to people they never saw before. God mightily used that church to meet the needs of a person. After their problem is solved, the same people that sought help will attend another church that has never shown any interest at all in their soul or body.

No, the people in both mentioned situations do not owe anyone anything, especially church attendance. However, if God used a local church body to meet one’s physical or spiritual needs, it would logical that perhaps that is the church He would want them attending. At least a short attendance there to see if that is where God wants them is in order to discern God’s will and way for their lives.

Unfortunately, the reasons for going to church, many times, are not spiritual or biblical. They include:

People need to be in a church where the Spirit of God works in their life and where the complete word of God is taught and preached. If God is using a ministry to meet your spiritual needs, be it a bus ministry, or preaching that speaks to your heart, perhaps that is where God is leading you. Attend the right place, the place God desires you to be.


This article was featured in The Bible View #117.

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