Another Reason for Reading the Bible

Bill Brinkworth

The compiled Word of God, the Bible, has many purposes.  It tells man the mind of God; what He likes and disapproves of; how to live; how to die; how to be successful; why one fails; and many other important life lessons.

There is another purpose for having God’s preserved Word.  That reason is so man can learn from examples of those in the past.  A wise man should not want to repeat the errors of others. Reading and learning from others’ mistakes is one of the reasons God allows us to have His preserved Book.
“Now these things were our examples …” I Corinthians 10: 6
“Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples and they are written for our admonition …” I Cor. 10:11

Although the vehicle of temptation, sin, and trials has changed appearance and may not look like it did 6,000 years ago, basically it is the same.  Man may no longer be tempted to have a chariot like his Roman neighbor’s, but today he is tempted to lust after a car just like his neighbor’s. Seldom does a man lust after watching a woman bathe on a roof-top as did King David, but lust still rages through pornography available on the internet. A person may not spend his time worshipping a silver idol, but many still put more value on material things than the things of God. Fewer gossip at the city market as was done in the past, but more talk about others quite a bit on the phone or e-mail.

Man really has not changed, and because he is basically the same, we can learn about how problems were dealt with in the past, what their consequences were, and how people could manage to get through the hardships they faced. They are recorded for us in God’s Word.

A wise man learns from others’ mistakes.  He also follows advice and wisdom that has worked in the past.  The Bible contains much of man’s wisdom, and most importantly, God’s wisdom on how to get through life.  God went through a lot of trouble to make sure we have every word He wanted us to have, so we can have a successful life.  Are you a wise person, and are you reading God’s example book?

This article was featured in The Bible View #416.

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