Oh, Well

Bill Brinkworth

God has always provided for us, and we are so grateful.  One day several years ago, we got to see, again, His wonderful provision.

Our well at the trailer had stopped working.  After calling in a repairman for an estimate, we found that it would cost $139 to get our water supply pumping again.

Any repairs were a serious financial concern at that time.  The ministry we were serving at the time was able to provide our food and some finances, but any additional needs had to be met by God. This was one of those times, that God would just have to provide in a miraculous way.

Well, life had to go on while we waited for His provision.  I asked my daughter to go to the mailbox and bring the daily mail.  In the mail that she returned with, was a letter from a man that I had served with in a deaf ministry in a previous church.  We were not that close, and it was very curious that he would be writing to me.

I opened the letter from Don Crain. It read:
“Brother Bill,

… I am so sorry it took so long for me to send this letter.  God laid you on my heart several weeks ago, and urged me to send you this check.  I just never seemed to get around to it.  I hope that it is not late in providing your needs.”

The included check was for $140! God knew about our needs before we did and provided it when we needed it.  God even provided more than we needed. The well was fixed and, once again, God provided! He is so good!

This article was featured in The Bible View #247.

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