We Just Deliver It!

Bill Brinkworth

I do not know if there are newspaper delivery boys or girls anymore. Newspaper However, when I was younger, many my age would get bundles of the daily paper delivered to them, fold them, put them in their newspaper bag, and deliver them to their customers.

Every day, often first thing in the morning or after school, a bundle of local newspapers would be retrieved by the delivery person.  They would do their best, no matter the weather or time, to get the paper to people to read.

If the customer did not open and read it, his ignorance of what was happening in the world around him was not the delivery person’s fault.  The paper was made available to him by the diligence of the newspaper boy.

Likewise, it is usually not a preacher’s or person delivering God’s message fault people do not heed the biblical warnings given to them.  The spreader of the Good News obeyed what he was commanded to do from the Word of God.  He did his part.  They were the delivery “boys.”  Their efforts made sure God’s Word was put in the hands and ears of those needing to know His message.

If the listener did not heed God’s call to change his life, it is on him, not the one that pointed him to “thus saith the Lord.”  If one did not get saved after hearing God’s plan of salvation, it is on the person and is not the delivery ”boy’s” fault.  All the delivery person can do is get God’s Truths to others.  No one can make anyone saved or obedient to His commandments.

What are you doing with God’s message that was faithfully delivered to you? Did you listen intently?  Were you convicted about something that was said? Did you go to the Lord, beg for His mercy, forgiveness, and intend to do as the Holy Spirit’s heartfelt “whisper” urged you to do?  Or did the message go in one ear, and no obedience to the Holy Spirit’s calling ever followed?   If so, you have been delivered God’s good news.  What will you do with His message?

“If people shared the Gospel like they do gossip, we’d have a major revival throughout
the world.”