Are You Really Sure?

Bill Brinkworth

I have prayed for many people to be saved and have talked to many about what the Bible says one must do to know for sure that they will one day go to Heaven. Some of them are secure in their own religion.  Many adhere to their own beliefs, even when they are shown Bible verses that teach contrary to what their religion teaches.  They will not be swayed.

I was thinking the other day that they will not be moved, because they are convinced that their religion is right.  Often they cannot fathom that as large, popular, or as old as their cult is that it could be wrong. However, as anchored to their beliefs as they are, not one of those that I have witnessed to has ever made one effort to sway me to their beliefs.  It seems to me, if they were convinced they were following correct doctrine they would not want anyone else to go in a wrong spiritual direction; especially when it involved their eternal soul.

The logical reasons for their not sharing their beliefs with others must be because:

  1. They are trusting wholly on what their religion teaches, and that it is right. However, they still harbor some doubt.
  2. They may not really know all their faction believes, and they do not want to be challenged.
  3. They may not be convinced that the Bible is God’s Word, and that its teaching is His only way.
  4. They do not really care for my soul.  They are only concerned about themselves.
  5. They may believe, as they were taught, that no one can know for sure that they would go to Heaven when they die.
  6. They may believe that there is one God, but many ways to get to His Heaven.  So they are not concerned that Bible-believers believe differently than they do!
  7. They may believe there is no Hell, and that all will go to Heaven or a place like it.
  8. They do not really take the after-life seriously!

Whatever the reason, it seems many with beliefs not in alignment to what the Bible teaches do not have the burden to reach others. It may be just as well so their false teachings are not spread to confuse more people and hinder so many from being saved and having God’s promise of an eternity with Him.

Are you really sure what you believe is correct?  Many are trusting their eternal soul with teachings that are recent, ever changing, and are often just a man’s or an organization’s beliefs.  A real, reliable faith should be based on a source that comes straight from God, has been around from man’s beginning, and has been proven reliable throughout all ages.  The only media that still exists today and fits that description is God’s Word, the Bible.   Does what you believe about God, and eternity line-up with God’s preserved word, or are you trusting on an unreliable man-made religion?

“The appearance of religion only on Sunday proves that it is only an appearance.”  — Adams

This article was featured in The Bible View #597

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