Payday Will be Someday

“Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” Ecclesiastes 8:11
The small, but quick, ocelot exited his barred cage, and strutted down the penned hallway. Past the leopards he went. A quick snarl stirred the dozing tigers, as he continued past their prisons.

Just before he got to the yard where he would bask in the sun, and attempt to chase darting birds, he stopped at the cage of an aged lion, hopelessly staring out through the bars from his cage. The small cat snarled aggressively at the 550-pound African killer, but there was nothing the King of Beasts could do from his captivity. After a while, the 20-pound South American predator moved on to get his breath of fresh, outside air.

For months, the small, wiry bully daily passed the sedate beast. Sometimes the lion was growled at. Sometimes the small feline’s quick swipes made contact with the lion, leaving small slices in the beast’s thick coat. Blood was sometimes drawn, giving the smaller predator more confidence in his ability to attack his penned enemy; knowing that he was safe, as the lion was behind bars.

One day, as was his habit, the ocelot continued his attack on the beast. He snarled. He lashed out at the giant predator with his much smaller claws. However, on that day and unbeknownst to the aggressor, things were different. The King of the Jungle’s cage door was open.

Without any warning to the smaller feline, the big cat quickly pounced, swiping his massive paws at the smaller enemy. It took one swipe, and the lion got his revenge, as clawed weapons swiped the ocelot’s head from off his body. The little feline never knew what killed him.

A bloody, gruesome story, but it is not unlike what so many people experience. They believe, because they can get away with sin once, twice, and maybe for years, that they are then exempt from any repercussions from their sinful activity.

Wrong! No one gets away with any sin. Lightning may not strike the child when he lied to his parent. A teenager may not have been thrown into jail when he did not getting caught damaging another’s property. One’s short drinking binge did not land him in a rehab. A husband’s peeking at pornography on the internet was not observed by his wife.

There are always repercussions of sin, maybe not at the time of commission, but they will come. Sin has its wages — someday! If not in this life, there will be regrets in the next.

One doing a long prison term usually did not get there from one crime. Most likely small sins desensitized his conscience, allowing him to do more and more; until one day he was caught.

A married man may have taken private, second looks at other women, maybe a glance or two at a friend’s pornography. Before long, the wages of an adulterous relationship resulted in a divorce, breaking the hearts of the wife and children.

Lying lips may have told a little “white lie”. Since there were no apparent repercussions, the sin was easier to commit the second, third, and many, many more times. Years later the liar looked around and realized that he was friendless and lonely, because all those that trusted him had fled because of his dishonesty and deceit.

On and on the list of repercussions of sin can go. Each of us most likely has experienced the unwelcome, unexpected side effects of our own sins. We have also seen its wages in others’ lives. No one gets away from sins consequences. There will be a payday some day for our sin. Flee sin now, while there is still an opportunity to escape regrets that may come too soon!

“Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy.” Proverbs 6:15
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Gal. 6:7

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