Where’s My Present?   

Bill Brinkworth

“Happy Bill’s Birthday!” welcomed another party-goer. “Wait until you see what I got you,” as the present was removed from its hiding place behind his back.

“You got me something? Oh, wow,” was the exclamation as the curly bow was clumsily removed from the gift.

As the gift-receiver ripped off the wrapping paper, another excited voice gleefully proclaimed on the other side of the room, “And I got you something, too.”

An ecstatic voice shrilled, “For me?” as she received the large, carefully wrapped package. Several in the celebration gravitated to that girl to see what was getting her so excited.

The gift-giver smiled as he could tell his thoughtfulness was really appreciated. He watched her carefully remove the packaging tape, and responded with the customary, “Happy Bill’s Birthday.”

Soon most of the gathering attendees were giving someone a package they produced from their hiding places.  The room was filled with sounds of ripping paper from gifts and “You shouldn’t have”’s.  A couple surprised, “Oh, I didn’t get you anything,” could also be heard scattered about the room.

In all the excitement of gift-giving, no one noticed the surprised person enter the room from the stairwell. He moved from group to group, almost unnoticed. As he moved to the child that was admiring the new laptop she had gotten, she made sure he saw it and outstretched it to him so he could get a better look.  “Why, it’s a great one,” he remarked. After he was shown it, she immediately turned back to her group, and grabbed another package she was handed.

On he drifted to another group on the other side of the room. “Oh, it’s Bill!” exclaimed the one standing closest to him.  “Happy birthday, Bill.”

After hearing that name, most in the room stopped their gift-giving and opening, and turned to the visitor and echoed, “Hello, Bill.” Some greeted him with, “Happy birthday, Bill.” Hands waved at him. One “Hey, old man,” echoed from just inside the dining room. Throughout the room giggles ensued over that remark.  It was not long until all turned back to their peers and engaged in their party activities. Bill was once again left to himself.

Soon, the party got back on its track, and Bill stood all alone.  No one even heard him sadly whisper, “And, where’s my present? It’s my party!”

Such an occurrence, if it happened to us, would be most horrifying and heartbreaking.  To be forgotten at one’s own birthday party; but many do that every year.  A day put aside years ago by our Christian-oriented forefathers to remember the birth of Christ is still practiced by most.  Gifts are given to one another.  Feasts are prepared for those attending family gatherings.  Benevolence is at the year’s all-time high, as even the least unfortunate are remembered and given something from complete strangers.  Festivities are everywhere; in the decorations throughout the town; in the decorations on a tree in the living room, but, like Bill’s party, the main reason for the celebration is often forgotten.  The reason for the season is Jesus, but He is little remembered or honored.

This year make your Christmas different. Ignore the world’s tendency to remove any mention of Christ on the day that was put aside to honor His birth. Let all know that Jesus is the reason for the season with as many opportunities to say “Merry Christmas” as you can.

Above all, make sure you give the Reason for the season the best gift of all.  No, Christ has no desire for any material gift.  He desires your heart, your time, and your devotion.   All year long give to him:

This year give the Lord all He wants — you!


“The best gift is not under the tree; it was on the tree at Calvary!”
— Roy Phillips

This article was featured in The Bible View #381.

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