The Moravian Revival

Bill Brinkworth

One of the greatest revivals of God’s people occurred at the Saxony estate of Count Zinzendorf. The young, Christian noblemen offered many Christians safety on his property. Many at the time were fleeing imprisonment, death, banishment, and torture for their beliefs. They fled to Zinzendorf’s and called their new home Herrnhut, ‘the Lord’s Watch’.

There on August 13, 1727 a great revival started. According to Oswald Smith, “They made the discovery that the Church could not save them; that there was no salvation in its creeds, doctrines or dogmas; that good works, moral living, commandment keeping, praying and Bible reading, could not avail; much less culture, character or conduct. They found that Christ alone could save; that He was willing and able to receive sinners at a moment’s notice; that justification, the forgiveness of sins, the new birth, etc. were instantaneous experiences received the very moment a sinner believed on Christ; that salvation was through grace and by faith, apart from the deeds of the law; that when a man is saved he has peace with God, and that he receives the assurance of salvation by the witness of the Holy Spirit in his heart.”

When these truths prevailed in their hearts, things changed! The Moravian brethren had stopped judging each other and were convinced of their sinfulness in God’s eyes. Divisions and discord were halted. All were together with in one accord. Prayer groups started and spread. Songs were written by the group and sung throughout the country. Hearts were broken and lives were changed.

Prayer groups started and got power from God. A prayer chain that ensued from this revival lasted over 100 years!

People had burdens to reach others with the Good News. The burden was so powerful that many went themselves to reach the world for Christ. The West Indies, North America, Greenland, Africa, South America, and most countries in Europe and Asia were reached by those that were stirred. The world was changed by God’s people, when they got revived!


A native of India, in the past, described the great revival they were experiencing as, ‘We are having a great re-Bible here’. The church needs to be re-Bibled!”
— C. E. World

This article was featured inThe Bible View #244.

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