A Dad's Mercy

Bill Brinkworth

I learned an important lesson about God’s mercy from my friend, Paul.

His son came home from school with a letter from his teacher. It was one of those letters every child dreads to hand over to his parent. The letter informed him of his son’s misconduct.

After discussing the infraction with the boy, the child was disciplined. With tearful regrets, the child promised there would be no further incident.

The next day the boy returned with another letter from his teacher. He had committed the same violation. Again, his father disciplined him, and again he promised there would be no further wrongdoing in school.

The following day, he returned with another letter, and the next day, also. On the fifth day, the child returned with another letter. It was apparent that the boy really wanted to do right, but for whatever the reason, just could not.

With tears in his voice, the boy again explained to his father what he had done wrong. Then the father did something that changed everything. Paul reached into his wallet, pulled out some bills and handed them to his son. The boy looked at them, and looked back at his father. “Why are you giving them to me? I don’t deserve them.”

“No, you don’t, son. But, I know you tried, and that is a reward for your attempt. I just know that when Monday comes, you will not come home with a letter from your teacher!”

He was right. The boy’s attitude changed. He went to school and did not have any further problems, all because he received something he did not deserve — mercy!

“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” Matthew 5:7

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