Mechanics at the Door

Bill Brinkworth

“ … for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.” Matthew 6:8

Romanian missionary Patrick Boyle relays one of the many accounts of how God always provides for him and his family. It seems that one day he and his family were getting ready for a shopping trip into the nearby big city. It was a trip necessary to get things that were not available in their rural Romanian village.

All were piled in and ready for the trip, when something that every driver does not look forward to happening happened. The van would not start. No matter what they tried; it would not start.

Getting a mechanic in the small village to fix the vehicle was not a simple solution; especially to fix the American automobile. It seemed the shopping trip was out of the question, and now they wondered how their transportation was going to get fixed. They went into the house to contemplate a solution.

As they were talking, a knock came at the door. It was two men asking if they could borrow the van from Patrick.

The missionary commonly let others use it, but he could not lend it this time. He explained how the van would not start.

They explained that they were mechanics. The two propositioned that they would fix it, if they could use the van. The exchange was agreed upon.

After eight hours of labor, they had the vehicle running. The starter was fixed; and it did not cost a cent. The mechanics got what they needed, a vehicle to help with their moving dilemma, and the missionary got the help that he needed. The two had set out for Patrick’s even before he knew he needed help. God again looked after his own and provided for their needs.

This article was featured in The Bible View #247.

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