The Changed Love Letter

Bill Brinkworth

Speaking to a small nursing-home  Bible study, I directed a question to a godly woman who missed her deceased husband terribly. “Did you ever receive a love letter from your husband?”

She smiled back with a nod as she recalled the notes of love she received many years ago.

“If I had intercepted one of his letters to you, and changed ten words, what would you wonder?  Most likely, you would wonder what I altered, and if what you read was really from his heart, or was it something I fabricated.” She nodded again in agreement.  The smile from her face disappeared.  Her whole relationship may have been changed just because of the words I may have added, deleted, or changed.

Yet, that is what is happening to God’s love letter to mankind.  Men with deceptive purposes are taking God’s Words and changing thousands of words in the Bible.  In many cases, it is tens of thousands of words that are altered.

The result of the re-writer’s intervention is changing what God wanted man to know.  In most cases, what remains of His word after their severe editing is what they want you to believe, not what God had said. He is quite capable of saying what he meant to say.  God certainly does not need man’s help to communicate with His creation!

Do not trust what sinful men have interpreted or would like you to believe is what God “really meant to say.”  Stick to the King James Bible for English-speaking people. (His preserved words are all kept pure in other major languages also.)  All other versions are not the love letter God preserved for mankind.