“… They Shall Know That I Am The Lord.”

Bill Brinkworth

While reading the book of Ezekiel, a phrase that occurred 24 times made me curious. It is the phrase “…they shall know that I am the Lord”. Although Ezekiel’s warnings and prophecies were to the Jews before and after the fall and capture of Jerusalem (around 587 BC), today we can also learn from God’s warnings to those people. What angered God then, if repeated today, will also anger Him now.

My first query when I encountered the phrase was, “How did they know God was judging them?”  The context around those phrases revealed what happened to them when the wrath of God was upon them. Here is a summation of how they suffered when God used circumstances to teach them a lesson:

My next question when encountering the phrase “…They shall know that I am the Lord,” was what was it they were doing that God would not tolerate? Since God has not changed, what he would not tolerate then, He will not tolerate today.  Here are some of the things He would not tolerate and judged His people because of their commissions of these violations:


Ezekiel certainly cannot be summed up in so few words. However, it does contain warnings.  We can learn from these warnings against people that were doing wrong, so we do not repeat what they did. 

It appears, however, that history is repeating itself, and all through the world people are doing very much the same things that Ezekiel warned ancient Israel of.  The people of Ezekiel’s day did not get away with their sins, and we certainly will not.  We can stop the vicious cycle by changing our lives, and doing what God wants us to do — today.


This article was featured in The Bible View #276.

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