If They Would Read Their Bibles

Bill Brinkworth

One of the most powerful, guiding, and life-changing books ever written is the Bible (KJV). If people would just read it, believe it, and obey it, this world would be much different. Here are some of the things that would change.


Sound utopian? Yes, it does, but the Word of God is powerful. Obedience to it has changed countless lives. Because of obeying God’s commands: drunks have become sober; angry people have lost their rage; wife and children abusing husbands and fathers have become wonderful fathers and husbands; adulterers have become faithful, loyal spouses; criminals have become outstanding citizens; liars have become honest; thieves have become honest, and given back what they had stolen; God-haters have fallen in love with God and faithfully obeyed Him. There is no life that would not be changed, if God’s commands and warnings from the Bible were obeyed!

This article was featured in The Bible View #186.

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