God Provides

Bill Brinkworth

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

God takes care of all His children. Romanian missionary Patrick Boyle re-confirmed this with an account of how God had met a need before it was even known that it was a need.

“We were in the capital of Romania with an elderly church member for a doctor’s appointment. After looking for the hard-to-come-by parking spot, we found one, pulled in, and there on the ground next to our van was a tire.

“We did not think anything of it, but a young man with us pointed out that the tire was the same exact size as was on our van. We looked it over carefully, found nothing wrong with the tire, and placed it in the van.

“The next day we were driving through a mountain pass, when we ran over a huge boulder lying in the middle of the dark road. We were headed to a church service and had no time to stop, but just continued to drive another hour or so until we arrived. Just as we pulled into the church, the tire went flat. It was then that we noticed the boulder had bent the metal rim of our front tire, and the rubber of the tire was shredded. We could not believe that the Lord had allowed us to make it all the way to church before the tire went flat!  Humanly speaking, there was no way that the tire could hold air with the rim bent that badly.

“Just then, we remembered the tire that we had found the day before in the capital. The day before our flat, God provided the replacement. Wow, is God good or what? It is stories like this that remind us of how good our God is and how thankful we are for the faithful group of prayer warriors holding us up in their prayers. Thank the Lord for His goodness!”

This article was featured in The Bible View #262.

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