Whose Coop Is It Anwyay?

Bill Brinkworth

“Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.” Psalm 100:3

For the last few years, I have had small flocks of chickens to provide us with eggs.  The current flock is the first we have had with a rooster.

In the beginning, “Rocky” was like the other birds.  As he got older, he has been more aggressive to me.  Whenever I would approach he crowed; I suppose to warn the hens that I was coming. Sometimes, trying to be friendly and keep on his good side, I would crow back.

However lately, after I would crow, he would charge me.  I suppose, I unknowingly was challenging him.  The other day I had to push him away to thwart his aggressiveness.

I started to think and even to explain to him, “Now, Rocky. Let’s get some facts straight. This is my chicken coop.  I built it myself.  I bring you water every day.  It is also I that makes sure you get your food every day.  When I hear an unusual commotion up here, again it is I that comes up here to make sure a coyote or dog is not trying to get at you.”

I realized that is exactly how so many treat God.  This Earth is His Earth.  He made it in six days.  He put the sun in place to shine and warm this planet.  It is God that created the plants, all creatures, and even us.  Yet, as mighty as He is and all that He does for us every second of our life, too many want Him out of “their coop”.

They want God and His commandments out of their lives, out of their education, and out of any explanation as to how we got here.  In many situations, His name is not to be uttered, nor His son, Jesus.  Even his rule book, the Bible, cannot be mentioned.  In so many circles, the things of God are taboo, although all types of evil, perversion, and sin are allowed.

People try so hard to kick God out of His own “coop”.   He feeds them, makes sure they have drink to drink, air to breath, and even so many luxuries that man can do without, but because He still loves them, he grants them those extras.

Rocky, the rooster, may have had his authority challenged, when I tried to “talk” with Him.  Perhaps when God is mentioned so many are also reminded that they are not in charge of the “hen” house.  Most likely that is why their feathers are ruffled when He comes to mind.  They fail to acknowledge they are just living there with His permission and help.

We are no better than Rocky, when we try so hard to remove God from the world that He created. How foolish so many are.  They are angry at the holy Hand that meets their needs. 

Do not try to force God out of your “coop”, as it is His anyway.  He is temporarily letting you stay there, and He just wants to help and take care of you.

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