We Have Lost Or Way

Bill Brinkworth

Since America’s inception in 1620, God has always been the One whom the country’s citizens relied on and whom they followed. Most knew, and many followed, His written commandments in the Bible.  His standards enabled people to dwell together

There was always a clear understanding of what was right and what was wrong, as many laws and practices were derived from biblical principles.  Crimes were quickly recognized and quickly dealt with.  It was understood that if the violation of law went undealt with, it would not be a deterrent for future law-breaking. Laws were made and followed.

Butchering of unborn babies would not have been even considered fifty years ago.  Torture was something the ungodly did, not a Christian nation.  Work was something that people were proud to do; and it was a shame not to have a job, or to even take someone else’s aid when one was not employed. 

There were clear understandings of the differences in sexes and their abilities and responsibilities.  Marriage was special, and most decent folks would not even consider pre-marital sex as they knew it could lead to social ruin, lack of respect, and other shameful situations. 

Teachers were known for their outstanding, moral examples and their decisions and discipline were rarely questioned. Police were honored and respected. Citizens were usually treated equally as a whole, and not different treatments for different groups. Christians usually were better examples of behavior and examples for those facing difficulties, because they followed biblical principles.

After having clearly defined social standards for centuries, something changed.  One by one the standards were slowly eroded. Perhaps they were ignored because those guilty of doing something not socially accepted ignored ridicule or publicly encouraged others to accept their sin. Soon convicting consciences no longer had control of people’s characters, and people did what changing standards allowed.  Moral boundaries were moved further to the left or obliterated completely

It was not long until unprincipled people gained governmental powers.  They helped society legislate what was once recognized as immoral.  These leaders passed unbiblical laws.  Perhaps it was just a means to get more votes, but it pushed overall morality further down the slope of decline.  The public allowed these changes to occur and often did not even baulk about such legislation.

Since moral measurements were lowered, many immoral philosophies crept into public bully-pulpits such as schools, radio, and television.  Thoughts that were previously taboo were now the center of television program and movies.  Away from parental control and knowledge, public education became a means of indoctrination of unbiblical philosophies.

Saturation of social input continued to corrupt and confuse morality.   Forbidden practices were often initially introduced in comedy television programs.  Soon what earlier was unmentionable activities, were now giggled at and accepted more readily. Homosexuality, drunkenness, adultery, law-breaking, and other sins gained acceptance by constant brainwashing on television, movies, and even video games.  Those once forbidden practices were now no longer “bad”; they were “entertainment”.

After decades of watered down morality and social engineering, a nation emerged that did not know what was really right, and what was wrong.  Men, women, and children now do what is right in their own eyes, as the moral compass God left for man to succeed was discarded.
“In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Judges 17:6.  Also: Job 32:1, Prov.12:15, Prov. 16:2, Prov. 21:2.

This is why our country and world are in the situation they are in today.  Murder is not the fault of guns, nor is it totally the abortion clinic’s fault for butchering millions of young babies. It also is not totally the fault of some chemicals that there are so many addictions.  One cannot blame the government for not having enough laws to stop or curb the out-of-control crime. 

The fault for man’s decline falls rightly on each man, women, and child for not knowing and obeying God’s preserved truths.  Society will always fail, when God’s roadmap through life is ignored! Only if His Word is believed and followed will mankind find His way again!

“Most often, today’s ‘morality’ is yesteryears immorality!  Morality’s measuring tool has been altered!” — Bill Brinkworth

 This article was featured in The Bible View #658.

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