Truly Surrendered

Bill Brinkworth

Many have their own idea of what a sold-out Christian is. Some think that just faithfully attending church and occasional praying puts them in the close-to God Christian category. Neither of those thoughts are even close to what it is to live for the Lord and be surrendered to whatever He requires of us.

Although not perfect, and called of God for a different time and purpose, Paul is a good example of a heart and life surrendered to the Lord. A look at Paul’s attitude and efforts towards living for God are certainly not what we see much of today.
Here is some of what we see of what Paul’s surrendering involved, as found in Acts 20:

Ultimately, the best example to follow is that of Christ. However, there are some that exhibit Christ-like attributes which are good to emulate. Paul is one such man. 

God’s reward for good service to Him is more service! He uses whom He can trust the most!  — Barbara Brinkworth

This article was featured in the Bible View #669.

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