Double-minded Squashed Squirrels

Bill Brinkworth

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8

Squirrels have a high “squashed” rate. Perhaps they are excited by the load of nuts they are carrying or excited about getting more, but their indecisions when crossing a road often get them killed by speeding cars.

Actually, it is not the car’s fault in most cases.  It is usually is the squirrel’s.  They quickly dart across the road, but when they see a vehicle approaching, their decision process gets them killed. 

Often, they dart to the middle of the road, then they change their mind and dart back to where they came from. “Wait, I’ll go to the other side of the road;” they again change their mind and then “squash”!  Their ever-changing mind gets them run over, because they got in the way of a car that did not deviate from its course.

Many people are often of the same double-minded thinking. They decide on one goal in their lives; then “No wait, I change my mind.”  They go in another direction in their lives. 

“Whoops,” before that direction is reached they again change their mind, just as do the direction-changing squirrels.  They never meet their goals, because they are always changing   Too often they also get “squashed,” and do not accomplish much in their lives.

Christians can also be indecisive.  They decide to obey the Lord.  They go to church, start reading their Bibles, and have a prayer life. 

The Lord begins to change their lives.  They are happier, and then some gleaming, glittering temptation makes them change their course, and “squash,” they too end up never accomplishing anything for themselves or for the Lord.

Are your plans often like the “squirrel-crossing-the-road,” confused and unsure?  Many times, we do not have a clue as to what we should do in certain circumstances, or even with our life. Be sure you do what the Lord wants you to do.

God has plans for you from your beginning.  He knows what you are best suited to do. 

Pray about what He would have you do.  Read the Bible and let the Lord direct your future path by pointing out Scriptures to help you get on His track. Seek counsel from Christians that you discern are more spiritual than you. (Do not seek the non-Christian’s opinions, as why would they know the direction God would want you to go?). 

Pray about it some more.  WAIT patiently until you are absolutely sure of God’s direction for you, and then head there, without deviating one bit. 

Yes, there may be some roadblocks or detours, but if that’s the direction the Lord wants you to go in, He will make provision for those temptations and impasses.  They may even be part of His plan to strengthen you and point you in His direction.

Cross that road!  Do not look back, turn back, or change your mind.  If you do, you may be one more squashed “squirrel” on life’s road.

“A double minded man:  one who wavers having no fixed mind.  He is one thing today, another tomorrow.  A man having such a mind has ways just as changeable.  He is continually unsettled.”  — Brethren New Testament Commentary

This article was featured in The Bible View #654.

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