You're Not Your Own

Bill Brinkworth

“For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.” I Cor. 6:20  Also: I Cor. 7:23
my car
My car has no right to roll down the driveway on its own to take a joyride.  I bought it.  I paid for the gas that can keep it running. Regularly, I see that it is washed and maintained.  It is my car.

However, one day the vehicle could roll down the driveway.  You can count on it being demolished and little good for transportation.  It needs a good driver to keep it from being a wreck.

Likewise, so many misuses the free will God gave them after getting saved and live for themselves.  It is not long until they look at their wrecked, broken life and wonder what they did wrong. 

What they did wrong is not to let their heavenly Driver be the One directing.  They forgot that it is God they should be living for and obeying. His guidance and direction are always right.  Ours are not.

Precious little Buddy also has no right to go where she wants.  I rescued the Labrador from the pound, make sure she is clean, make sure she is fed well, see to her health, and walk her several times a day.  She is my dog.

Buddy, if she desires, can run away, however.  Chances are that it will not be long until she is starving, unhealthy, and without a safe place to live and be just like she was before I rescued her.  Likewise, those purposely not living for Him will find their lives in a similar lacking condition.

Christian, you are also not your own to do as you selfishly see fit.  When you accepted Christ as your Saviour, it was not because of anything you did to merit an eternity with Him.  You are only saved because of what Jesus did for you so you could have a wonderful eternity, rather than the tormenting one in Hell that you deserve.  You owe Him a lot!

Yes, we have a free will to do as we desire.  God will never force us to obey or live for Him.  He does not want marionettes. He wants us to love Him as He loves us. God wants us to make right decisions and to wisely chose Him as Lord of our life.

Our love is shown by our actions and attitudes. God hopes that our gratefulness will be shown by our faithfulness, obedience, and loyalty to Him. 

“Consecration is signing your name to the bottom of a blank sheet and letting God fill in as He wills!” — Author Unknown

This article was featured in The Bible View #689.

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