Not Handicapped at All

Bill Brinkworth

Several years ago, I witnessed a perfect example of how God can use us and help us overcome even severe problems:

A Wednesday night audience was anticipating hearing from a speaker representing a ministry to the handicapped.  After the man was announced, the speaker approached the pulpit with very much difficulty. It was hard for him to walk, but he managed to hobble up to the pulpit.

As he introduced himself and his ministry, the congregation noticed another handicap he battled. His speech was slow and strained.  He stammered while trying to get the words out.

Husbands and wives looked at each other, certainly wondering “How can this man deliver a message, when he can barely talk?”   I must admit I even wondered how such stammering lips could preach, and what were we in for?

After the niceties were completed, the preacher started his message with prayer. During that prayer, closed eyes snuck a peak at the speaker, because something had changed.  His stuttering and stammering had stopped.

As he started, the normally slow speaker was speaking very clearly, without stammering and as fast as any preacher I had ever heard.  On he preached; one point after another, and not one pause.  The preacher machine-gunned a clear, no-wasted word, non-stuttering message. 

People’s hearts were pricked by the message.  Several came forward to get things right with the Lord.  God had used that “handicapped” preacher’s “slow speech” to deliver a message that affected lives.

After, the message was completed. He thanked the audience, but his speaking had returned to the slow, stammering, stuttering, struggling speech.  God had given that man, despite his natural short-comings and inabilities, grace to deliver God’s message.  Since that time, I am convinced that there is nothing anyone cannot do, if God is in the situation.  

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.  — Scott Hamilton

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