I Have?

Bill Brinkworth


What surrounds me and what I “have” in this world is only temporary. I will only have them as  long as the Lord allows them to last.  However, I do have something permanent — my eternal soul. 

Fortunately, one day many years ago, it became evident that my sins were ruining my life, and they broke God’s heart.  Because of my transgressions, I realized if I did not do the right thing, I would be doomed to an endless, tormenting Lake of Fire. 

I finally admitted my grievous sins to God in Heaven.   I realized that the only thing that would give me a peaceful, joyous eternity was trusting that Jesus’s death was the only payment acceptable to God as payment for my horrible sins.  At that moment, unworthy as I was, God became my Father in Heaven and Christ became my Saviour from a Hell I deserved. 

I did not earn that salvation.  It cannot be lost, although I often fail my Lord and let Him down.  Salvation is a gift freely given to me.  I will have it forever.

Now, I have God’s promise of an eternity with Him.  I am a very wealthy man with riches in my future that I can barely imagine, as undeserving as I am!  I sure wish you had the same treasure!