Is Anything Too Hard for God?

Bill Brinkworth

When 90-year old Sarah overheard that she one day would have a child, she did what many of us do when what we think there is an “impossible” situation; we doubt God. The Lord’s response to her husband, Abraham, was one that we all need to remember when we face a challenge or problem that we believe has no positive outcome; “Is any thing too hard for the Lord? …” (Gen. 18:14).

Although some situations we may be facing may be intended to turn us to God or to strengthen us, some are opportunities for God to get the glory so that others can see what He can do.  Like Sarah, however, sometimes we are so overcome with what we are facing that we forget who God really is, and what He can do.

He is the great God that created this universe and all that is in it!  We often say that glibly and do not realize what that means.

The universe is filled with billions of stars, including other galaxies and their suns. These suns, including our own, burn and burn, yet in most cases, do not diminish in power and size. Some of these stars are so large that one is 300 times the size of our sun; and one sun is recorded to burn 10 million times brighter than our sun. As massive and as uncountable as the bodies are that occupy our universe, our God created them all in one day (Genesis 1:16)!

The same God that created the universe also created our earth.  He created the air we breathe, and all that breathe it and rely on it.  Our complex bodies do thousands of processes every second of every day we are alive. Cells replace and fix themselves. Hormones and other chemicals are produced to meet many of the body’s special needs. Harmful “intruders” are normally destroyed, and the damage they do to our bodies is repaired; and this is done without our even knowing it.  What machine has man created that on average can run 70 years without any major overhauls?  God’s creation, man, has been doing that since the first man was created. Complex man and God’s other creations were also made in one day!

Our God who made the largest, and most complex creatures, also made creatures that are so small that we do not even have inventions to see them. All that we see, and touch is composed of tiny building blocks called atoms. These atoms are so small that only recently could man see some of them with a scanning tunnel microscope. Yet, these tiny creations are composed of other building blocks: electrons, neutrons and protons. These tiny “construction materials” are composed of even tinier particles called quarks. All these “invisible” building blocks were also created in one day.

Yet this awesome Creator, who is keeping all that He created in perfect working order every millisecond of the day, is also interested in the needs and desires of His man-creation. For those that are believing and trusting in what God has done to ensure that they spend an eternity with Him (salvation), this same God will hear their pleas and meet their needs.

After being reminded of all God has done and is still doing, our minute needs seem so insignificant and unimportant; yet the Creator still cares about them. Our unbearable hardships can easily be dealt with and remedied if a child of God will go to Him to alter or help him accept the situation.  Broken families and relationships can be healed, when God is called upon. Diseases and physical needs have also been met when God has intervened.  If it is God’s will, there is nothing that is impossible with God.  Child of God, go to Him with all your cares!

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Mathew 11:28
“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”  I Peter 5:7


This article was featured in The Bible View #386.

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