If You Give What You Have

Bill Brinkworth

I was recently reminded by Pastor R. King’s sermon that if we trust Christ by faith, He will do wonderful things with what we have, even if we think it is insufficient.  The key is to put faith first!  So many never see God’s miraculous intervention, because they never take that first step of trusting Him by faith with what they have, or who they are.

The preacher reminded his listeners that:

All throughout the Bible there are many other similar examples where people had very little, but they trusted God to meet their needs with what they had.  Anyone can do much with a lot, but God cannot get the glory in the provision as much as He can when the “impossible” little accomplishes great things with help of the mighty hand of God. Seeing His provision also increases one’s faith and gets one closer to the Lord.

Today, God can still do great things with things we do not consider a solution to our needs. Too many excuse not tithing (giving God at least 10% of one’s gross income).  They reason “I can barely meet my needs with what I make as it is!”  However, there are many that have stepped out by faith, and reason that “God says to give, and He promises to meet my needs.” They give far more than they “can afford” and week after week, see how God faithfully provides. A “little” can go far when God is trusted and involved.

There are others that see themselves without finances, without talent, without ability, yet they give themselves to the Lord without reservation.  After a time of surrendering themselves to be used by the Lord, they look back and see what God has done with their lives.  In many cases, God did a lot with a “little”.

None of us are prizes.  We are all sinners and have repeatedly let God down.  He will, however, take whatever “little” we offer for His use, and do great and marvelous things.  Take that giant step of faith and see that “little” can be changed into much by the Master’s mighty hand. 

“Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see.”  — Clarke

This article was featured in The Bible View #600.

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