It's Father God, Not Mother Nature!

Bill Brinkworth

On a regular basis, we are bombarded with terminology that is not biblical and has origins in paganism and other religions. We constantly hear that “Mother Nature” brought us another hurricane, or “Mother Nature” brought rain today, or “she” was responsible for some other earthly phenomena. It is heard so much; it is accepted and no one gives the reference to a mythical creature a second thought, but they should!

Implying Mother Nature is somehow in control of the environment, atmosphere, or even how things grow is giving recognition to one that does not exist, let alone deserve any credit. In case you have not stopped to think about it, there is no “Mother Nature”. There exists no proof, scientific or otherwise that “she” exists.

The credit for all in this earth belongs to God the creator only. He is the one that allows the rain, flowers to bloom, birth, and death of species, and even created everything. He is a He!

He is a He! In the Genesis account of creation alone, God is referred to as a male at least 14 times with the pronoun “he”. In the rest of the book, “he” is used also to describe a male God at least 15 times. Even the Hebrew words for God are masculine. Nowhere in the traditional, time-honored King James Bible is God referred to as female. If the Word of God names him as male, where did the notion come from that His domain and creation are really controlled by the mystical “Mom” Nature?

Some part of giving maternal credit could be given to the modern practice of not wanting to offend anyone by mentioning “God”. The politically correct nomenclature has gotten our society by the tongue and will not let it go. Many have let the few ungodly that have gotten public recognition for their dislike of God, influence what we say. It is sad that we have gotten to the point that we are concerned about mentioning God in a nation that not long ago was termed a “Christian” nation.

Perhaps giving credit to a non-existent being is easier or less embarassing to many than saying “His” name. For a group of people that prides themselves on their intelligence, it is quite childish to give credit to a non-existent “Momma”. Well-educated television weathermen have said on the airwaves that “Mother Nature has brought us another gorgeous day” and other fictitious quotes.

Maybe man is even changing terminology to reflect his own ideas of who and what God is. Pagans of the past and present certainly had no qualms in making Him anything they wish. They have even given credit and worship to trees, water, mountains, and others parts of the creation. Women representing "mother earth" and "mother nature" have been around a long time. Goddesses were attributed to fertility, and “nature” for many millennia. Female deities being given credit for what God has actually done have been seen in Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, Incan, Indian, and Romans civilizations to name a few. Even to this day “Gaia”, “Sophia” and other female “deities” are mentioned; as if they even exist amongst Christians.

These influences, wherever they actually came from, are not Christian. It is the Christian that should have instilled in his own heart and should influence the thinking of others that there is one God: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:3. For a Christian, God is the God of the Bible. The Bible is the window showing us who and what God is. It is from the preserved Word of God that we get the unshakable account of how we have gotten here, how the earth was created, how God worked through time with our ancestors, and how he will work with us. Just because some have rejected what the Bible says about God and are highly rebellious against Him, does not mean we have to join them in their philosophy.

Some have even changed “bibles”, to reflect that God is female, or that He is non-sexed. It seems that ploy has been around since the beginning, even in the Garden with Adam and Eve. It was Satan that got the first man and women to question what God has said. That ruse is still being played today. Many are changing what the truth says in the Word of God; but they can never change what is the truth, no matter how hard they hide or distort it.

The truth is preserved in the precious Word of God. It clearly says that God is the creator and controller of all that goes on in this universe. Do not allow non-Christian philosophies and influences to slowly erode your beliefs in what the Bible says. It is Father God that created this world, and it is He that is still the one that is allowing all that happens to His Earth. May your speech even reflect what you believe. Say it was Father God that brought the rain today, and that it was He that brought out the sunshine later. Give God His glory.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27

“Nature is the art of God Eternal.” — Alighierei Dante: De monarchia

This article was featured in The Bible View #157.

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