When Will the End of the World Occur?

Bill Brinkworth

“But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” Mat. 24:36

Since the time of Jesus’ disciples (Mat. 24:3), many have wondered, “When is the end of the worldcoming?” Many have given a date for the end or even a date for some biblically predicted end-time event such as: the rapture, last judgment, Armageddon, and even the end of humanity.  All foretold dates have been wrong!

One internet site, Wikipedia.com, records at least 158 predicted days for end time events that never occurred. Many of the prediction dates came from fairly well-known people such as: Martin Luther (“no later than 1600”), Christopher Columbus (1658), John Wesley (1836), Jeanne Dixon (2/4/62), Jim Jones (1967), Charles Manson (1969), Nostradamus (7/1999). Some “religious” have also given their predictions including: Catholic popes (1/1/1000, 1284, 1901), Herbert W. Armstrong (1936, 1943), Hal Lindsey (1980s), Jehovah’s Witnesses (1908, 1914, 1916, 1941, 1971, 1975, 1984), Seventh-day Adventists (1999), and Sun Myung Moon (2000).  Since 1977, someone has put a date for an end-time event for almost every year until now.

There are also many predicted dates for the future. One talked about date was from the Mayan Long Count calendar and was foretold to be December 20-23, 2012. Jean Dixon (a psychic) also claimed something will happen between 2020 and 2037. Nostradamus again predicted another date of 3797.

At the time the projected dates were given, I imagine some were concerned. Many may have been alarmed and tried to prepare for what they thought would be a cataclysmic event by stockpiling and hoarding supplies; as some are doing today.

Although it is obvious that all the past predicted dates were wrong, some are overlooking the only source that has never been wrong about predicting events.  This source has foretold many historical past events, and every prophecy has come true.  Some of the foretold events were warned about 1,000 years before the event occurred, but they were still valid prophecies.  This source told about the coming of God’s Son, and what He would do on earth and for mankind. All those prophecies about Jesus came true.  This source also gives many prophecies about future events.  This accurate source is God’s Word, the Bible. If it was correct about past prophecies, we can also count on its accuracy about future events.

However, the King James Bible, as accurate as it has been in the past, does not give dates for end-times events.  God has clearly indicated to man, in His Word, that it is not for man to know when God will begin the last day events. He even states that the angels do not know the day and hour, nor does His only Son, Jesus (Mat. 24:36).

If the heavenly host and Jesus do not know when such events will occur, we can be assured that a common, sinful man will not know either. Certainly, those that believe contrary to what the Bible commands one to believe are not going to be told the details of God’s plan including the psychics, unbiblical religions, astrologists, and even preachers. Why anyone would think that a Holy God would whisper end dates to human-sacrificing, false god worshipping Mayans is even more ludicrous.

Many sense that the “end” is getting closer.  Cataclysmic events may even occur.  This year may be a challenging year financially and physically for many. We as a people have been snubbing our noses at God for a long time.  Why would He not begin to exercise His promised events soon?

The last day’s events, however, will begin when God says it is time; and they will be according to the way His Word records them.  God’s Word says the rapture of God’s people of this earth will happen first, followed by the seven-year tribulation, 1,000 year reign of Christ, and other judgments on the earth’s inhabitants. After they have occurred, in God’s order, then the world will be “passed away” (Rev. 21:1).

If people would read and believe their Bibles more than what the television or some newspaper writer says, they would know that all the predictions could not have been even close.  Read and believe God’s Word first; do not even consider those that set days on God’s plans.

Want to read Revelation and learn what God says will happen in the last days?  Go to: http://www.openthoumineeyes.com/blog/revelation.html.

“No leaps of faith are needed to jump from God’s Word into tomorrow.”


This article was featured in The Bible View #362.

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