Bee Gone!

Bill Brinkworth

One of God’s smaller creations, honeybees, are very important to the earth’s ecosystem. Their buzzing from one flower to another while gathering nectar and pollen is critical in aiding fruit and plant reproduction. Some estimations calculate that more than one third of our food supplies depend on the tiny bees’ hard work. Without them, man’s food supply would be in danger.

In recent years, particularly after 2006, something unexplained and disturbing has happened to the important, tiny pollinators. All over the world, in many countries including Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the United States, beekeepers have discovered many bee colonies have just disappeared! The hives have been found empty of adult bees with few dead bees left behind. Many of their unborn are left behind, which bees rarely do, along with their honey food supply.  The phenomena has been termed the “Colony Collapse Disorder.”

If not controlled or stopped, the loss of bees could drastically hinder man’s food supply.  It could be a very serious problem.

Many theories as to why the bees are disappearing have been presented. The explanations for this unusual happening include: viruses, malnutrition, pesticides, mites, fungi, beekeeping procedures, and radiation from cellular phones.

Although many scientific communities are working diligently to solve the problem, they are realizing what could happen if God’s key to plant reproduction disappeared.  Without the bees fulfilling their tasks, the whole world will suffer. They are an important cog in this world’s wheel of survival.

Prayerfully, the mysterious bee disappearances will be stopped in the near future. Examining what could happen from the loss of bees and their work reminds me of another small, but important, unseen worker that is also very important to the present and eternal future of all mankind.  I am referring to the Christian.

The world is doing all it can to stifle and silence Christians. The once permanent fixtures in all public schools, the Bible and prayer, have been removed.  Within the same walls where God’s Word was once taught and read, young people are now taught to show disrespect; as it is ridiculed, scorned, and questioned.  TV and newspaper media have had an open season on mocking, scoffing and ridiculing the things of God. Special days that were originally celebrated to help America remember their benefactor and Saviour, have been banned or altered, including Christmas and Easter.  Those once ‘religious’ days are now just holidays in which many do not even murmur the name of the Person the day is honoring.

It is now upsetting to the news media and other people when God is called upon to help our nation.  This happened recently when a governor of Georgia called to God in prayer to help his state with their drought situation (by the way it did rain shortly after he prayed).  Laws that were once created around the Word of God are being changed to limit the public recognition of God.  Many have attempted to even remove public displays of the Ten Commandments and other biblical references from courthouses and government buildings.  If public prayer is performed, great offense is registered if Jesus’ name is mentioned.

In response to the pressure put on them by a God-hating, immoral few, many Christians have succumbed to that pressure.  Public figures, preachers, and many others, afraid of not being politically correct, have toned down and quieted their cry against ungodly practices, and sin.  The once stalwart Christian influence in American has become a weak whisper. Just as the world would face disaster if the bees disappeared; so too will this world, if Christianity and the Bible continue to be silenced. God and His Word are the root of all morality. Without the Bible’s influence there would be no stopping crime. 

Crime and sin are mostly identified by the Word of God that puts its finger on sins such as stealing, murder, adultery, homosexuality, and many more. Without the guideline and guiding lights, why would those crimes be wrong to a culture that never accepted the Bible?  Without biblical influence what would keep any ungodly world from doing “whatever feels good;” no matter how disastrous it would be to society.

Sadly, this is already happening. Adultery is commonplace, and even somewhat tolerated when performed by governmental and educational leaders that are supposed to be examples of good behavior to our society.  The crime rate is so high that much of our tax dollars is spent to attempt to control it.  Generations have grown up and have not even known what is right or wrong, according to God’s standards.  Right and wrong are being redefined by whatever power or group has the loudest voice and can put the biggest scare into the people.  In many places, godless anarchy is in control.

The world is suffering greatly because Christians, that have God’s only truth, are silent.  The Word of God can change this world and has done so for thousands of years.  Like the bees, the need for working Christians is essential for an in-control world.  Although unpopular and somewhat unwanted, the only hope for this world is when Christians take the truth they have hidden and bring it to light once again to help this world.  We have God’s truth.  How is the world going to know, if we do not tell and show them?  

“I thought when I became a Christian I had nothing to do but just to lay my oars in the bottom of the boat and float along.  But, I soon found that I would have to go against the current.”  – D .L. Moody

This article was featured in The Bible View #321.

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